To File a Business Certificate

Pursuant to Chapter 110 of the M.G.L., The Town Clerk accepts filings of Business Certificates by any person, persons or corporations conducting business in the Town of Littleton under a company name.

To file such a certificate, if this is a home based business you must first go to the Building Dept. on the third floor with a letter describing your business activities and you will need to get an approval letter and then visit the Clerk's Office on the second floor (Room 207)  of the Shattuck Street Municipal Building.

Generally, persons or corporations, individually or in partnership with one another, and doing business in the Town of Littleton under a company name must file this certificate. The certificate is valid for four years from the date of filing. They are renewable thereafter.

If you require assistance in completing this form, please call the Clerk’s Office during regular business hours at (978) 540-2401 for this assistance.

The fee for this filing is $30.00, checks should be made out to the Town of Littleton.  A certified copy of the completed filing is available for the fee of $5.00.