Staff and Producers

This is the active list of valid LCTV Production Staff and Producers


 LCTV Staff  
Mark Crory, Executive Director/Producer            2013001
Kirby Dolak, Video Production Supervisor/Producer      2013002

Production Assistants  
Mike Fonantella, Production Assistant      2013006
Ryan Vallon, Production Assistant      2013007
Zachary Hirtle, Production Assistant      2014011
Production Contractors  
Christopher Banks, Senior Contractor     20145410
Scott Lewis     20145091
Judy Reid     20155744
Richard McGirr  
Amber LaSante  
Will Zimmerman  
Josh Eilberg   
 Barbara McRae, Littleton Common, Uncommon Interviews, Specials Correspondent     2013003
 William Vales, Fun with Science, Your Back Yard, Littleton Rocks, Tech Talks     2013005
 Nancy Hilsinger, Editor     2015000
 Bob Spinozzi, Small Town, Littleton Common, Specials Correspondent     2013004
 Carol 'Hoppy' Vales, Cooking with Hoppy     2016001
 Melissa Hebert, Talk of the Town     2015002
 Ursula Kane, Talk of the Town     2015003
 Gino Frattallino, Mass at St. Anne     2015005
 Arleen Martino, Long Live the Republic     2015006
 Mike DeBlasio, LFD     2015009
 Sgt. Pablo Fernandez, LPD     2015010 
 Carolyn Mueller, Historical Society     2015011
 Dan Glorioso, Comedy on the Loose     2016002
 Cam McLeod, Comedy on the Loose     2016003