UPDATED: Aug 16, 2016

Town Hall Meeting Rooms 103, 307, and LPD have received technology upgrades that allow Boards, Committees, Architects, Contractors, presenters the ability to directly connect laptops into the wall mounted monitors.
• Presenters have access to the monitors thru LCTV provided VGA or HDMI cables that plug directly into wall patch panels. Presenters should inform LCTV a week in advance of which cable configuration is required for use of the wall monitors.
• These connections allow the presenter to mirror their PC’s laptop display on the Wall monitors. Presenters should be familiar with accessing their Control Panel settings to possibly configure the mirroring of their laptop display.
• Once that basic display configuration is complete, whatever the presenter is seeing on their laptop will be displayed on the wall monitors.
• LCTV also has connections to each meeting room that allows the same display to be feed into either the delayed broadcast or live feed of the program.

Helping You Communicate

To help in your use of Town Hall rooms 103,307 an LPD Community Room technology please provide the following:

1. Will the presentation be in room 103, 307, or LPD? When (date) is the presentation?

2. What device will be connected, a Mac or PC? Does it have either a VGA or HDMI output? We have cabling that will connect for either basic output type. If you have a Mac specific interface, let us know if you're bringing your own HDMI/VGA to Mac adapter/dongle or need one.

3. Will this be a slide only PowerPoint presentation? Or will there be audio and/or video components?

We normally have the meeting room setup an hour prior to scheduled recordings. You're welcome to come by to do a dry run and make sure everything works the way you want. If you want to come some other time then before the presentation, just give us an idea when you might stop in as we regularly have off-site shoots and want to be sure we're here when you come.

Questions or Training?
Littleton town boards and committees, or Presenters that wish training or have questions on the use of the equipment should contact the LCTV studio at 978.540.2488.
We look forward to helping you communicate!

Video Cables and Apple Dongles Available for Use

HDMI video on Left and VGA cable on the Right

















Apple Dongles Available