LCTV Producers

LCTV's current line-up includes the following locally originated and produced programming.

     Mr. Bill Vales– Littleton Rocks, Your Back Yard, Fun with Science, Tech Talk/Tips  

     Ms. Carol Vales - Cooking with Hoppy

     Ms. Barbara McRae – Littleton Common

     Ms. Melissa Hebert and Ursula Kane – Talk of the Town

     Mr. Bob Spinozzi – Small Town

     Mr. Gino Frattallino - Mass at St. Anne 

     Ms. Arleen Martino - Long Live the Republic

     Mr. Mike DeBlazio – Littleton Fire Department Open House and Training

     Sgt. Pablo Fernandez – Littleton Police Department, Every 15 Minutes

     Ms. Carolyn Mueller – Littleton Historic Society and Historic Tours

     Ms. Nancy Hilsinger – Night Before Xmas, Littleton Common

     LIVE Coverage of Town Meetings, Boards, and Committees with Regulatory control

Included are descriptions of the programs and their regular airing times and days. Stay tuned for more locally produced programming.