CANDIDATES SPEECHES as of 5.18.15 for Town Election Season


Recent events have prompted us to have a more formal procedure for our offering of airtime for recording Bios and Positions (spots) for qualified candidates of Littleton town elections. Beginning with the May 7th, 2016 town election season, we will incorporate the following policies.

  1. When a candidate pulls nomination papers with the town clerk, they will be given a form to fill out and sign. This form will inform them that LCTV offers candidates for election airtime on our local access channels and on-demand site for the purposes of stating their Bios (background, experience, qualifications) and Positions of their candidacy.

    Candidates must provide a valid e-mail address in order for LCTV to contact them. Further, they will be contacted VIA e-mail by an LCTV representative within one week after the nomination papers deadline. At that time, candidates will coordinate a time with LCTV to record their message.

  2.  Candidates will be limited to 5-6 minutes.

  3. The deadline for recording a spot is two weeks prior to the Saturday Election date.

  4. All spots will begin to air on our local public and government channels, as well as our on-demand site approximately 9 days before the election and during election day.

  5. The order of appearance in the final composite program is determined by the order the candidates appear on the official ballot.

  6. Candidate’s individual (separate) speeches will be stored and available for playback on the LTCV on-demand site. The composite of all speeches will also be stored and available for playback on the LCTV on-demand location.

We are here to answer any questions you may have.




Mark Crory

Executive Director

Littleton Community Television

37 Shattuck Street

Littleton, MA  01460