Spring Services

Street Sweeping
At the earliest possible time depending on weather and street conditions, this Department undertakes street sweeping. A contract sweeper supplements the Town's sweeper. The whole effort takes two to three months depending on weather, amount of street debris and equipment availability (breakdown). The order in which the streets are swept is changed yearly so different parts of the Town share in the wait. Please do not call the office to question scheduling as we cannot predict the schedule due to factors beyond our control.

Spring Cleanup
For the better part of April and May the Highway Department is fully committed to cleaning public areas, parks and selected road shoulders. Plow damage is also addressed. Clean up entails raking debris off grass areas, sweeping parking lots and mulching landscaped areas.

Recreation Fields
A significant effort is made in April to clean up and prepare athletic fields for use. Set up goals, bleachers, layout and lining for approximately 19 playing fields is accomplished. Grass mowing begins at this time and continues through the year until late fall. Preparation of game fields for play by school teams and sport organizations also continues through November.