Summer Services

Road Shoulder Mowing
Beginning in June all road shoulders not maintained by abutting property owners are mowed to prevent brush and vegetation encroaching into the travel way. By keeping the shoulders mowed, visibility and therefore safety for vehicle drivers is enhanced. This effort takes approximately 5-6 weeks and is repeated in the fall if time permits.

Catchbasin Cleaning
There are thousands of catchbasins within the Town. The function of these structures is to collect the runoff water from the street gutters. Because there is a sump in each structure, sand and debris from the street settle and is stored in the basin. These sumps are cleaned once a year to prevent material migrating into drainpipes and water bodies at the end of the pipe system. Approximately eight (8) weeks is spent completing this task.

Road Repair
Upon completion of spring cleanup various repairs of drainage structures, pavement failures, berms, and sidewalks are undertaken. Often residents bring these problems to our attention and we complete them as time permits.

Road Construction
Contractors do most road construction with supplemental help from the Highway Department. These projects such as pavement overlays, drainage system improvements, pavement reclamation and paving are significant capital improvements and require construction supervision and inspection from this Department.

Street Painting
Each June all street lines and crosswalks are painted by a contractor. Crosswalks are painted again in the fall and other lines such as parking lots are painted during the summer as needed.

Street signs are placed and maintained by the Highway Department. Regulatory signs (speed zones, stop signs, no parking zones) are requested through the Police Department. Advisory signs (street name signs, blind driveway, etc.) can be requested directly from the Highway Department. We caution residents that due to the proliferation of signs, most signs have little impact and placing them in front of other resident's homes can become an issue.

Town Beach
In late June, docks, rafts and float lines are installed and then removed the week following Labor Day. During the summer the beach is "dragged" to maintain the sand level and trash is removed on a weekly basis.