Winter Services

Snow and Ice Removal:

This is the most obvious service provided during the winter by the Highway Department. More on Snow Removal.

Equipment Maintenance:

While this activity is accomplished year round, it is especially performed during winter months. Any maintenance deferred during the summer is accomplished. Plowing/sanding operations with virtually every piece of equipment under harsh, conditions and long hours, also requires a significant maintenance effort.

Tree Removal:

Dead and declining trees are removed during the winter months. Trees that are both noticed by Highway Employees and "called in" by residents throughout the year are addressed during this time. Trees near electric wires are sometimes removed with the help of the Light Department or by the Light department due to the specialized training required to work near the wires.

Pavement Maintenance:

"Pot hole patching" is periodically done throughout the year but particularly in the winter, late winter time period. This is due to the extreme conditions and stress placed on pavement by the freeze-thaw cycles that work to bend twist and break the pavement surface.

Transfer Station:

The Transfer Station located on Spectacle Pond Road is operated throughout the year.