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The Littleton Finance Committee consists of seven members, each appointed to three-year terms. Two members are appointed by the Selectmen, two by the School Committee, one by the Board of Assessors, one by the Moderator and one by the Light and Water Commissioners. 

Appointed By Member Term Expires
Board of Assessors Allen McRae 2020
Board of Selectmen  Gary Wilson, Vice Chairman
Board of Selectmen Gregg Champney, Chairman
School Committee Stephen Moore
School Committee Betsy Bohling 2018
Light & Water Fred Faulkner 2019
Moderator Thomas Porell, Clerk 

This appointment procedure allows for a diverse group with overlapping terms and expertise. The primary function of the Finance Committee (FinCom) is to review departmental budgets and submit a balanced budget (Article 4 of the Annual Town Warrant) to Town Meeting. In addition to this statutory budget responsibility, the FinCom has a set of specified financial management responsibilities including:  managing a small reserve fund account to meet unforeseen expenditures within the current budget year; conducting public hearings on budgets and other financial matters that may come before the Town; establishing fiscal guidelines for Town Officials for use in preparing their budget requests and capital planning needs; participating in sub-committees requiring financial input or guidance, and; providing financial feedback or input to town boards or employees.

Committee members are assigned as liaisons to each department, board or committee to facilitate communication and understanding of the issues during the budget process as well as throughout the year.

The FinCom’s role, however, is limited to making recommendations to Town Meeting or the appropriate governing body. The decision-making responsibility rests with the elected officials and those who vote at Town Meeting and general elections.

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TOWN CODE, CHAPTER 13, ARTICLE I, Finance Committee [Adopted 2-14-1938 ATM, Art. 40]

§ 13-1. Creation; membership. [Amended 5-9-1988 ATM, Art. 2] There shall be a Finance Committee composed of seven members, appointed as follows: two members by the Board of Selectmen, one member by the Board of Electric Light Commissioners, two members by the School Committee, one member by the Board of Assessors and one member by the Moderator.

§ 13-2. Terms. [Amended 2-13-1939 ATM, Art. 37] The members of said Committee shall hold office until the third Annual Town Meeting after their respective appointments or until their successors are appointed, except that the members first appointed hereunder shall determine, by lot, one of their number to hold office for one year, two for two years and two for three years and shall notify the officers or boards having the appointing power of their determination.

§ 13-3. Eligibility for appointment. [Added 2-13-1939 ATM, Art. 37; Amended 11-12-2014 STM, Art. 11] No one shall be eligible for appointment to the Finance Committee who, at the time of his/her appointment, is not a resident of the town, is an elected officer of the town or an appointed officer with power to incur expense chargeable against appropriated funds. If a member, during his/her term, becomes ineligible for appointment to the Finance Committee, his/her place shall become vacant."

§ 13-4. Filling of vacancies. Vacancies may be filled for the unexpired term by the officer or board whose appointee has ceased to be a member of the Committee. 

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Reports for prior years are found in the Annual Town Reports

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