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The Board of Selectmen voted on January 11, 2010 to establish a General Planning Committee for the Town of Littleton's Tercentenary Celebration in 2014.  That Committee would then appoint subcommittees as needed. The Town Administrator will work with the Historical Commission, the Littleton Historical Society and other interested parties in developing a draft scope of work for the General Planning Committee.  

The Board of Selectmen has appointed the following members of the Tercentenary General Planning Committee: Mary Dugan, John K.Holmer, Chairman, Ann Himmelberger, Kathy Knox, Treasurer, Mildred A. McGovern, Robin Sewell, Secretary and Michael Crory.The Littleton 300th anniversary celebration for 2014 will include the following events:

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Keith A. Bergman, Town Administrator

Littleton Town Offices, Room 306 
37 Shattuck Street, P.O. Box 1305, Littleton, MA 01460 

Phone: 978-540-2460