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UPDATED - On August 17, 2011, the Pay-As-You-Throw Implementation Committee reviewed year-to-date tonnage figures showing decrease in solid waste and increase in recylcables.

On December 6, 2010, the Board of Selectmen voted to reconstitute the Solid Waste Options Steering Committee established on September 21, 2009 as the "Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) Implementation Committee," to expand the membership thereon from six to nine members by increasing the number of citizens at-large from two to five; and to invite applications therefor. 

The Board of Selectmen voted on November 15, 2010 to accept a Sustainable Materials Recovery Program (SMRP) grant of up to $10,000 from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection for Pay-As-You-Throw start-up funds for the Town of Littleton, and affirm the community’s commitment to operate the Unit-based Pricing Program for a minimum of two years. November 8, 2010 Special Town Meeting voters had rejected a petitioned article to rescind the Pay-As-You-Throw system, by a margin of 70 in favor of rescinding and 141 opposed.

Solid waste tonnage figures continue to show decline since implementing PAYT.

Pay-As-You-Throw is a fee-based trash disposal system which takes effect at the Littleton Transfer Station on October 1, 2010. Residents purchase special bags at local businesses and use those bags to dispose of their trash. The annual sticker rate is reduced to cover only the cost of operations of the transfer station. This program allows residents to better control their trash disposal expenses. As with other utilities, residents will only be responsible for paying for the trash they produce. Recycling of most non-bulky materials is free. It is expected that residents will recycle a greater portion of their waste which will have at least these benefits: reduced cost to individual residents and families for waste disposal; reduced waste being placed into landfills.

The Board of Selectmen has voted to support the “pay-as-you-throw” a/k/a “pay-per- bag” option for solid waste disposal. The Board conducted a public hearing on July 12, 2010 and adopted fees and regulations to implement this policy determination.

Read more about Pay-As-You-Throw in Massachusetts.

Solid Waste Options Steering Committee.  The Board of Selectmen had voted on September 21, 2009 to establish a steering committee to work with Town staff on a project to evaluate solid waste options, for which DEP has committed to provide the Town with eighty (80) hours of in-kind technical assistance, with said steering committee to be comprised of at least five members, including a representative from the Board of Health, the Board of Selectmen, the Highway Department, and citizens at-large. On November 2, 2009, the Board of Selectmen voted to establish the following charge for this Steering Committee: "to work with Town staff on a project to evaluate solid waste options in accordance with the Scope of Work for an FY 2010 In-Kind Technical Assistance Project with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, and to report back to the Board of Selectmen with initial recommendations by January 31, 2010." See presentation recommended by the Solid Waste Options Steering Committee. Read more about expanding recycling in Littleton as part of this program.

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Committee Member Affiliation
Jim Karr, Chairman Board of Selectmen
Ted Doucette Board of Selectmen
vacancy Board of Health
Jim Clyde Highway Department
Derek Podgorni Citizen at-large
Henry G. Christle, Sr. Citizen at-large 
Jeanette P. Rossi Citizen at-large 
Richard Buckles Citizen at-large

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