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Members of the Board: Term Expires
Gary Wilson 2018 
Joseph Knox, Selectman Representative, Vice Chair  2018
Kirby Dolak, Employee Representative, Clerk 2018
Steve Venuti, Department Head Representative 2019
William C. Schmidt 
Anita Harding, Chairman
Keith Bergman, Town Administrator ex officio

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MissionIt is the mission of the Personnel Board to promote and maintain comprehensive, consistent and equitable human resource standards in the administration of the Town’s Personnel Bylaw. The Personnel Board furthermore strives to conduct itself in such a manner which promotes professionalism through mutual trust and respect among town entities, employees and the public.

Master Goal: To continue to evaluate, report on and update the personnel policies of the town including wage classification and job analysis for the purposes of achieving “median market” and performance parities for town employees covered under the bylaw.

Ethical Principles of Members: Members strive to uphold in a responsible manner, ethical values and principles consisting of, but not limited to, honesty, integrity, fairness and personal accountability in a manner that upholds the public trust and confidence.

THE PERSONNEL BOARD [excerpt from Personnel By-law]


The Town establishes a Personnel Board which will report to the Board of Selectmen on matters of personnel policies and practices which affect the employees under the Classification Plan of the Town of Littleton. The members of the Personnel Board shall review and make recommendations to the Selectmen, town meeting or other Boards or Committees on all current and proposed personnel policies and procedures, compensation schedules and other matters, which directly affect the non-union employees of the Town as stated within this bylaw. 

The Personnel Board shall be made of the following: one member of the Board of Selectmen, one member of the Finance Committee; two benefit eligible employees, one of whom shall be a department head, two citizens, one of whom should be a human resources professional; and the Town Administrator. The Town department head and employee at large shall be nominated by their peers and the Personnel Board shall appoint those nominated for a term of two years so arranged that the term of one shall expire each year. All other appointments to the Board shall be made by the Board of Selectmen for three-year overlapping terms so arranged that the term of at least one member shall expire each year. 


A. The Personnel Board shall have a Chairperson who shall preside over meetings, a Vice Chair who shall take over for the Chairperson in that person’s absence and a Clerk who shall be responsible for taking minutes of meetings. The membership shall vote on these positions. 
B. The Personnel Board shall meet at least quarterly with minutes of such meetings taken and forwarded to the Board of Selectmen and filed with the Town Clerk. 


A. All employees shall have the right to request an appointment to confer with the Board on any matter which is of interest or concern to them and which is covered by the plan. The Personnel Board shall meet as necessary or at least once annually with Appointing Authorities, Selectmen and the Finance Committee. 
B. The Personnel Board shall meet annually with all Town employees. 
C. The Personnel Board shall post all meeting dates and times and these will be public meetings. 
D. The Board shall provide sufficient copies of the Personnel By-Law or a summarization thereof in the form of an employee handbook to each department for distribution to each employee.


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