Groundbreaking for MassWorks, Sam Park's "The Point." 
On August 6, 2012, Massachusetts Economic Development Secretary Greg Bialecki joined Congresswoman Niki Tsongas, State Senator Jamie Eldridge, State Representative Jim Arciero, developer Sam Park of Sam Park & Co. and Littleton town officials to break ground on the MassWorks Infrastructure Program-supported Route 119/I-495 Interchange Safety and Capacity Improvement Project, and Sam Park's 580,000 square foot mixed use development, "The Point." Read press release.

Patrick-Murray Administration breaks ground on $1.8-million Littleton MassWorks Project.

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LITTLETON – Monday, August 6, 2012 – Secretary of Housing and Economic Development Greg Bialecki today joined U.S. Rep. Niki Tsongas, state and local officials and developer Sam Park to break ground on the MassWorks Infrastructure Program-supported Route 119/I-495 Interchange Safety and Capacity Improvement Project, which will spur private development in Littleton.

The private development project, ‘The Point,’ is a 580,000 square-foot, mixed-use private venture that will include retail, office space and a 100-room hotel on the former Cisco Systems site. The Patrick-Murray Administration’s MassWorks Infrastructure Program supports local economic development initiatives, housing and job creation by providing the infrastructure to support these important initiatives.

“Our Administration continues to partner with cities and towns to invest in local infrastructure improvements,” said Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray. “By working with the Town of Littleton through the MassWorks Infrastructure Program and also partnering with local, state and federal agencies, we are paving the way for future opportunities that will advance economic development in Littleton and support regional economic growth.”

The Town of Littleton was awarded $1.8 million in funding through the MassWorks Infrastructure Program in November 2011 for the Route 119/I-495 Interchange Safety and Capacity Improvement Project. This section of roadway is a critical connection between “The Point,” Route 495 and the IBM Mass Lab Facility. The MassWorks project, which leverages an additional $3.2 million in private investment in the public infrastructure project, will include the widening of Route 119, reconstruction of existing sidewalks to meet current ADA standards, the addition of three signals, dedicated turn lanes and a water main to serve the needs of new development. The public infrastructure project is expected to be complete by June 30, 2013.

“The Point project represents how successful we can be at growing good jobs and our economy when we work together. My office worked diligently with all associated federal agencies to ensure this project remained on track,” said Congresswoman Niki Tsongas. “The state Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development, the town of Littleton and the Federal Transportation Administration should all be commended for their hard work and commitment to this project.”

“The MassWorks program is an integral part of the Patrick-Murray Administration’s commitment to improving our infrastructure, creating jobs and spurring economic development in every corner of Massachusetts,” said Greg Bialecki, Secretary of Housing and Economic Development. “This program matches the objectives of our long-term economic development plan, which includes empowering our local and regional economies.”

Now underway, the MassWorks project will support the construction of ‘The Point’, a mixed-use commercial space being developed by Sam Park & Company on ninety acres off I-495 at Exit 31 at Littleton Common.  In 2010, the Town passed the Littleton Common village and overlay zoning districts to better promote economic development in the zone, including promoting mixed use development on this 90-acre site formerly owned by Cisco Systems.  The Town has since worked with Sam Park & Company to re-permit the site which allowed the mixed-use development plan to move forward. The total private investment for the project is expected to be $60 million for phase one and an additional $40 million for phase two. The first phase of the private project is underway with vertical construction anticipated to begin in late fall or early winter. The private development project is estimated to create 400 new part-time, 400 new full-time and 228 construction jobs.

“The widening of the Route 119 corridor is a major infrastructure investment that will positively impact the local business community for years to come and will undoubtedly lead to increased economic expansion and job creation in the area.  The cooperation of the Town of Littleton, the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Economic Development and Sam Park & Company in this endeavor is an excellent example of a multifaceted partnership to achieve economic growth,” said State Representative James Arciero.

“The Town of Littleton is proud of its partnerships with the Patrick/Murray Administration and Secretary Greg Bialecki, and with developer Sam Park & Company, in helping us to carry out our of vision of economic development consistent with community character, and in promoting quality job growth,” said Keith A. Bergman, Littleton Town Administrator. “The MassWorks infrastructure grant for the Route 119/I-495 Interchange Traffic Mitigation Project provides improved access to the IBM Mass Lab Facility—its largest software development campus in North America—while also supporting the development of Sam Park’s 90-acre mixed use site, ‘The Point,’ which is the centerpiece for carrying out the Littleton Common village and overlay zoning approved by Town Meeting in 2010.”

“This has been a wonderful partnership.  The co-investment by Massworks, along with the support of EOHED and the Town of Littleton, has helped pave the way for our project,” said Sam Park, Founder & President of Sam Park & Company. “Together, we are creating jobs and the type of development the community wants.”