1 & 2 Monarch Drive

The Planning Board approved an application for the development of a 98,150 s.f. industrial building and associated site improvements at 2 Monarch Drive. The Public Hearing opened on Thursday, May 5, 2022, for an application from VMD Industries V LLC for a Major Commercial or Industrial Use Special Permit and an Aquifer and Water Resource District Special Permit.

July 2022

The applicant's team has provided the following information in response to the July 8, 2022 Peer Review:

In addition, a response letter from NHESP (PDF) in response to the MEPA filing was provided to the Planning Board.

The Planning Board's peer review engineer has reviewed the applicant's responses to the May 26, 2022 peer review. View the Peer Review on July 8, 2022 (PDF).

June 2022

Applicant VMD has provided updated materials in response to comments at the Public Hearing, and peer review process. New information: