Holiday Helpers 2023

Holiday Helpers photo

The intent of this program is to help Littleton families experiencing financial difficulties during the holiday season. Through community donations we will supply clothing needs and 3 wanted items per child to help lighten the financial burden of the winter holidays.

Holiday Helpers Gift Donations

In December 2022 we were able to assist 45 families in Littleton through the Holiday Helpers program. As a community we were able to fulfill 582 requested needs and wants this year, giving away an approximate total of $25,000! Every year we are blown away by the generosity shown by our community year after year to support this Program. From our department and all of our enrolled families Thank You for all of your help this Holiday Season!

How you can help our 2023 Holiday Helpers Families that need a bit of financial support this Holiday season:

Holiday Helpers Gift Applicants

2023 Applications are now available. 

All paperwork must be turned in before November 13th, 2023.

This is a complete list of what is needed to enroll you into the program:

  • Both sides of this document completely filled out.
  • Proof of Littleton, MA residency (current utility bill or current driver's license)
  • 2022 tax return or 2022 award letters
  • Income statements for one month from this current year (2023) or 2023 unemployment or award letters
  • Proof of custody (could be a school report card, School ID card, or Guardianship papers)

How to enroll your family in this year's Holiday Helpers program:

  1. Complete all sections of the application and make copies of any letters or documents that can verify the required items listed previously.
    • Physical copies of the application are located at our office, 41 Shattuck Street, Littleton, MA 01460
    • If you need help making copies you can set up an appointment with the PRCE department for assistance. Call 978-540-2490 or email Littleton PRCE.
  2. Turn in completed application, wish lists, needs lists, and copied documents to the Parks, Recreation, and Community Education Department
    • Applications can be:
      • Mailed to 41 Shattuck Street, Littleton, MA 01460
      • Put it in the yellow drop box outside the door at 37 Shattuck Street, Littleton, MA 01460
    • Allow 3 to 5 days for response from the PRCE Director, Alicia Day