What about Foster Street?

The Town has approved the reconstruction of Foster Street from Taylor Street to Balsam Lane utilizing Federal funding; that construction would occur in 2024 and the design includes a multi-use path; visit the Foster Street TIP project page for details. The section of Foster Street from Harwood Avenue to Tahattawan Road would be the next section to be reconstructed, and the design is at the 25% stage; construction of this section is likely for 2025 or 2026. That would be followed by the section of Foster Street from Balsam Lane to Harwood Avenue, including the reconfiguration of the intersection with Harwood Avenue. Development of the proposed 40R Smart Growth District, if approved at Town Meeting, followed by an application and Planning Board approval for a development proposal at this site, could occur over a similar timeframe.

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1. Why 40R?
2. Will the public have input?
3. Is there need for additional housing/for additional affordable housing?
4. How does affordable housing work?
5. How will this new zoning impact our schools?
6. What about Foster Street?
7. What about my property values?
8. What about commuter parking?
9. What is 40R?