What about commuter parking?

In a post-pandemic world, it is difficult to predict the "right" number of parking spaces, but Littleton has made accommodations for the following parking options in addition to the 200-plus spaces currently at the station (1) Development at 245 Foster Street could include up to 200 new commuter parking spaces; (2) The last-mile-delivery warehouse at 151 and 153 Taylor Street will include 30 commuter parking spaces; (3) The multi-use path will provide a new link to existing private, underutilized parking lots, allowing owners of those commercial buildings to lease commuter parking.

The prior version of the 40R Zoning Bylaw (PDF) and proposed 40R District Map (PDF).

Updates for Jan. 28, 2021 Meeting:

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1. Why 40R?
2. Will the public have input?
3. Is there need for additional housing/for additional affordable housing?
4. How does affordable housing work?
5. How will this new zoning impact our schools?
6. What about Foster Street?
7. What about my property values?
8. What about commuter parking?
9. What is 40R?