Can I see the Inventory or get a copy?

A copy of Phase 1 of the Inventory, which covers over 100 properties, is in the Littleton Reuben Hoar Library with other historic information about Littleton. The materials are in loose leaf binders in order to make it easier for interested parties to make copies.

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1. Why is there a Demolition By-Law?
2. Does the Demolition Delay by-law mean I won’t be able to demolish my property?
3. How can I tell if my property is “historic”?
4. Does the Demolition Delay apply if I’m remodeling my home?
5. What is the Historic Inventory? Is this the same as the Survey project that I’ve heard about?
6. Can I see the Inventory or get a copy?
7. What kind of activities does the Historical Commission sponsor? I’m interested in the history of Littleton.
8. I’ve heard there is a “sign project”; what’s that?
9. What’s a Preservation Award? Can I suggest a property?