I’ve heard there is a “sign project”; what’s that?

The Littleton Historical Commission (LHC) is currently sponsoring a project to place signs on historic properties. A signmaker in Rhode Island who works with many local communities has been commissioned to make a "Littleton" sign style. If you are interested in a sign for your property, please contact the LHC through the webmaster of this site.

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1. Why is there a Demolition By-Law?
2. Does the Demolition Delay by-law mean I won’t be able to demolish my property?
3. How can I tell if my property is “historic”?
4. Does the Demolition Delay apply if I’m remodeling my home?
5. What is the Historic Inventory? Is this the same as the Survey project that I’ve heard about?
6. Can I see the Inventory or get a copy?
7. What kind of activities does the Historical Commission sponsor? I’m interested in the history of Littleton.
8. I’ve heard there is a “sign project”; what’s that?
9. What’s a Preservation Award? Can I suggest a property?