Who Was Reuben Hoar?

Reuben HoarA leading citizen of the town of Littleton, Reuben Hoar was a successful fruit and dairy farmer who served three terms as selectman, and more than once loaned the town money to meet expenses. In the mid-1800s, a local storekeeper, Captain Reuben Houghton, was struggling with a failing business and Reuben Hoar helped him out with money and business advice. Captain Houghton's business flourished. In the late 1880s his son, William Stevens Houghton, wished to honor Reuben Hoar for the assistance he had given his father. He made a proposal to the town that he would fund a public library if the town would provide a building that would house the Library as well as a Town Hall, with the stipulation that the Library be named for Reuben Hoar. The Reuben Hoar Library opened in 1887.

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