Requirements for Farmer Series Pouring Permit

The Littleton Select Board, as the Local Licensing Authority, issues Farmer Series Permits in accordance with M.G.L. c.138, §§19B(n) Farmer-Brewer, 19C(n) Farmer-Winery or 19E(o) Farmer-Distillery.

Anyone selling alcohol to the public for on-premises consumption must have a permit to operate.

Applicants must complete the following steps:

  • Confirm proper zoning of the proposed location with the Building Inspector
  • Obtain a Business Certificate from the Town Clerk's Office if applicable per M.G.L. ch.110 §5
  • Obtain a Massachusetts ABC Farmer Series Brewery/Winery/Distillery License as applicable per M.G.L. ch.138 §19C
  • Submit to Select Board/Town Administrator Office an Application for a Littleton Farmer Series Pouring Permit.
  • Submit to Select Board/Town Administrator Office an Application for a Littleton Common Victualler and Entertainment License (if applicable)
  • Complete CORI Acknowledgement Form for business owner(s)
  • Provide plan for TIPS (Training for Intervention Procedures) or equivalent server training program for all liquor permit holders, managers, and servers.

This Office will circulate copies of the application to other town departments for their comments/approval (if applicable).

Upon completion of the above steps, a hearing before the Select Board will be scheduled and published in the newspaper as appropriate.

  • Applicant must provide hearing notice to the abutters and reimburse the Town for the hearing notice publication

  • Applicant or their representative must attend the Select Board hearing

  • Provide proof of TIPS or equivalent server training certification of servers as well as a roster list of the servers. Provide Workers Compensation Insurance Affidavit [M.G.L. ch.152 §25C(6)]

  • Provide proof of Liability Insurance

  • M.G.L. ch.62C §49A[Tax Compliance Affidavit Complete

  • Farmer Series Pouring Permit, plus fees for Common Victualler license and Entertainment License fee (if applicable). Pay the Annual License Fee for

  • All Other Town Inspections and Fee Payments must be complete prior to issuance of a permit.

Please contact the Office of the Select Board/Town Administrator with any questions about the process.