Alicia Day

Parks & Recreation
Title: Director of Littleton Parks, Recreation, and Community Education
Phone: 978-540-2490
Alicia Day

Alicia is the Director of Littleton Parks, Recreation, and Community Education. She is a Littleton, MA resident and has worked in recreational and adventure programming for over eighteen years in the municipal, non-profit, and collegiate sectors. In 2010 she received a Master's Degree in Sports Management from Georgia Southern University with a focus on Recreation Administration and in 2006 a Bachelor's Degree in Adventure Education from Prescott College.

Her main career goal has been focused on helping communities gain access to recreational opportunities and creating a sense of place for all. For her, this position is the perfect combination for her to directly give back to the community she lives in. She loves to travel nationally and internationally. Her favorite outdoor past times are hiking, gardening, snowshoeing, and canoeing.


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