Cremation Information

Cremations can be done by the Family or by a Licensed Funeral Director. This is a personal choice for your family. We strive for your family to have a relaxed pleasant experience.

Westlawn Cemetery does not offer Clergy services or sell urns or containers. Make sure that the decedent owns or is entitled to be buried in the lot of choice. Any direct descendent is entitled to be buried in a family plot as long as there is sufficient room. If the family does not own a lot, one will need to be purchased prior to the burial.

A cremation burial hole is approximately eighteen inches deep and sixteen inches wide to accommodate the urn. You may place the urn in the ground or leave it on the cover for the cemetery employees to lower. After you have completed your services the employees will fill in the grave.

Niche spaces are also available in the Administrative Building.

Paperwork Required

  • Burial Request Form. This must be completed and returned to the cemetery 48 hours prior to the burial.
  • Cremation Certificate (comes with the urn from the Crematory)
  • Check for the required amount of money made out to the "Town of Littleton". The amount for the cremation burial depends on the day of the week and time of day. (See price list.)

Please feel free to contact the cemetery with any further questions.