Town Accountant

The Town Accountant Department is responsible for maintaining and administering financial accounting that provides accurate, complete, and timely information pertaining to all financial activities of town departments, boards, and agencies. The functions of the Accountant's Office include developing financial policies, coordinating and managing budgetary and financial information, forecasting revenues for the forthcoming fiscal year, processing accounts payable, auditing payroll, and preparing the annual Budget and multi-year Capital Plan in advance of the town meeting. The Finance Director is responsible for oversight of fiscal compliance with all local, state, and federal statutes, regulations, and other mandates, as well as adherence to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and sound internal control procedures as prescribed by Generally Accepted Governmental Auditing Standards. The Finance Director implements fiscal controls over departmental spending, and provides technical assistance to Town departments.

Audited Financial Statements

The Town of Littleton (year end June 30), the Littleton Electric Light Department (year-end December 31) and the Littleton Water Department (year-end June 30), all have annual audits of their respective financial statements. 

Financial Statements