Finance Committee

The Littleton Finance Committee consists of seven members, each appointed to three-year terms. Two members are appointed by the Selectmen, two by the School Committee, one by the Board of Assessors, one by the Moderator and one by the Light and Water Commissioners.

This appointment procedure allows for a diverse group with overlapping terms and expertise. The primary function of the Finance Committee (FinCom) is to review departmental budgets and submit a balanced budget (Article 4 of the Annual Town Warrant) to Town Meeting. In addition to this statutory budget responsibility, the FinCom has a set of specified financial management responsibilities including: managing a small reserve fund account to meet unforeseen expenditures within the current budget year; conducting public hearings on budgets and other financial matters that may come before the Town; establishing fiscal guidelines for Town Officials for use in preparing their budget requests and capital planning needs; participating in sub-committees requiring financial input or guidance, and; providing financial feedback or input to town boards or employees.

Committee members are assigned as liaisons to each department, board or committee to facilitate communication and understanding of the issues during the budget process as well as throughout the year.

The FinCom’s role is limited to making recommendations to Town Meeting or the appropriate governing body on financial matters. Final responsibility rests with elected officials and those who vote at Town Meeting and general elections.

  1. Town Clerk

    Physical Address
    37 Shattuck Street
    2nd Floor, Room 207
    Littleton, MA 01460

    Fax: 978-540-2401

Name Position Description Term Expiration
Tyler Gray   School Committee 6/30/2023
Steve Venuti Chair Assessor 6/30/2026
Jenna Koerper Brownson Member Moderator 6/30/2024
Alvin Rasmus Member School Committee 6/30/2024
Geraldine Bertozzi Member Light & Water 6/30/2025
Fred Faulkner Vice Chair Select Board 6/30/2026
Brian Tarbox Clerk Select Board 6/30/2024
Gary Wilson   Select Board Non-Voting Liaison 6/30/2024
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