Legal Reference



Town Code


§13-16 (A) “The Town shall have a Permanent Municipal Building Committee consisting of seven residents of the Town appointed by the Select Board for staggered five-year terms.  A least one member shall also be a member of the School Committee, or its designee, pursuant to MGL c.71, § 68”

§13-19 (A) “Members shall serve at the pleasure of the Select Board for a term not to exceed five years from the date of appointment; provided, however, that any member may be reappointed for an additional term upon the expiration of any such five years.” (B) “A member may hold his or her seat after his or her term expires until a successor is qualified. . . .”

Town Meeting

Adopted 3-6-1961 ATM, Art. 29; amended in its entirety 11-12-2002 STM, Art. 7, amended 5-7-2012 ATM Art.24