242 King Street (Town Sewer)

The Planning Board opened a Public Hearing on Thursday, May 5, 2022, for an application by the Littleton Water Department for an Aquifer and Water Resource District Special Permit for the Littleton sewer system expansion project Phase 1A Water Resources Recovery Facility (WRRF). The applicant is proposing to construct a new centralized WRRF and on-site stormwater management system at 242 King Street (Parcel ID U36-7-0). Proposed structures include a submersible influent equalization tank, bioreactor tanks, a 75-ft by 64-ft process building, an effluent pumping station, and an emergency generator. Access to the new WRRF will be via a new 24-ft wide access road from King Street. Littleton Water Department is seeking Site Plan Approval and a Special Permit to allow for the construction of the proposed WRRF within the Aquifer and Water Resource Districts.

This Public Hearing was held, closed, and on June 14, 2022, the Planning Board approved the application, with conditions.

Peer Review

This application is under peer review by the Planning Board's engineer.

View the Peer Review Comments May 11, 2022 (PDF)