537 Great Road - Adult Use Marijuana

August 2023: Community Care Collaborative has requested an expansion of their hours of operation. Planning Board will discuss this request at the August 17, 2023 meeting.

Application Form Information - Request
Supplemental Application Form 1-G Information
Email Thread - Giannetta re: Hours Request

2022 Adult Use Marijuana Cultivation (Note) and Product Manufacturing Facility:

Community Care Collaborative, Inc. has applied for a Special Permit from the Planning Board for an Adult-Use Marijuana Cultivation and Product Manufacturing facility at 537 Great Road. This use is proposed in the same building as the existing Marijuana Retail facility. The Public Hearing opened on June 2 and closed on September 19, 2022.

At the Planning Board meeting on September 27, 2022, the Planning Board voted to approve the application with conditions.

View the 537 Great Road Decision - Marijuana Product Manufacturing (PDF).

Note: July 2022 Update - The Planning Board approved the applicant's request to withdraw the Marijuana Cultivator Special Permit application part of the application; the applicant will continue with the Product Manufacturing Special Permit part of the application.

Visit the Host Community Agreement page.

2021 Adult Use Marijuana Retail Facility

Community Care Collective's application for an Adult Use Marijuana Establishment - Retail and Aquifer District Special Permit was approved, with conditions by the Planning Board. This site was approved as an alternative site to the 531 King Street site. The Public Hearing opened on March 4, 2021.