Open Space & Recreation Committee

2023 Open Space and Recreation Plan

OSRP Sept 21, 2023 Public Hearing 3 (1)

About The 3rd Meeting:

On September 21st, 2023 we will be reviewing the information gathered from the May 16th and June 21st workshops; and also looking at the data obtained from the community survey conducted in July. This is the community's last opportunity to contribute their ideas to the plan. The goals we create together will set the path for the next 7 years for Open Space and Recreation in the Town of Littleton.

Why We Need You:

We are looking for your input on:

  • The types of open space and recreation resources that you feel are important to the community.
  • The ways in which the Town can better protect and enhance its open space.
  • The types of recreation opportunities and facilities that you feel are needed in the community.
  • The ways in which the Town can make its Open Space and Recreation facilities more accessible to everyone.

  1. Parks & Recreation

    Physical Address
    41 Shattuck Street
    2nd Floor
    Littleton, MA 01460

    Fax: 978-540-2490

Name Position Description Term Expiration
Andrew J Sammarco Chair Conservation Commission Member No Expiration Date
Ivan Pagacik Vice Chair LELWD Commission Member No Expiration Date
Kathryn Jacobsen Voting Member P&R Commission Member No Expiration Date
Jeffrey Yates Voting Member Planning Board Member No Expiration Date
Edward T Collins Voting Member Clean Lakes Committee Member No Expiration Date
Alicia Day   Ex-officio PRCE Director No Expiration Date
Stephen Jahnle   Ex-officio Dir of Public Works No Expiration Date
Solomon Marini Voting Member Citizen-at-large No Expiration Date
Gerard R Cavallo Voting Member Agricultural Commission Member No Expiration Date
Amy Green   Ex-officio ConsCom Agent No Expiration Date
Maren Toohill   Ex-officio Town Planner No Expiration Date
Ryan Ferrara   Ex-Officio TA of Representative No Expiration Date
Mark Rambacher    SB Non-Voting Liaison 6/30/2024
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2022-Current Minutes & Agendas

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