The Working Group will periodically update this page with answers to questions that are asked about the RFI, the property, and the process.

Public Questions


  • What is the availability of irrigation on the property?
    • There are two wells on the property: one is near the house and is recent. The other is unregistered and near the lower barn. The Working Group does not know whether either well is working. As of Feb 24th we are working with the Littleton Water Department to test the flow for both wells, and the pump in the upper well (the lower well does not have a pump). Our goal is to test both, but we may not have full results prior to the RFI submission deadline of March 1. 
  • What will the tax rate/tax obligations for the property be? 
    • As of Feb 24th the Working Group does not have a firm answer. The Littleton Town Assessor is going to walk through the property, and we hope to have a firm number within the next 2 weeks. We have posted the most recent Chapter 61 and 61a recommended land values on the web page. Tax obligations for any lessee have not been finalized, but the Working Group has committed to having a final determination prior to the release of the RFP.
  • Can I partner with other RFI respondents if we have mutually beneficial visions for the property?
    • Once the RFIs have been submitted the Working Group will maintain a list of respondents who are interested in coordinating an RFP submission with other respondents.
  • Will the town work to rehabilitate the house: water damage, lead and asbestos remediation?
    • The town has not committed to any work on the house at this time. The Working Group is aware of the potential financial burden of fixing the house and will take that cost into consideration when evaluating any RFI/RFPs
  • How are the house and upper barn zoned?
  • What’s is the state of the foundation under the Farmhouse? 
    • The house has a fieldstone foundation that has been recently repointed and appears to be structurally sound.


  • What is the condition of the septic system?
    • The main house septic was installed in 2000 and is rated as a 7 bedroom. For more information please see the Landvest report linked on the Working Group web page.
  • What is the main purpose of the APR land?
    • Commercial agriculture must be the primary use of the property.  Any other use is considered  auxiliary. Please see the definition of Agriculture on the MDAR website and in the RFI Document.
  • Are animals allowed on the property?
    • Yes, farm animals are allowed on the APR property.  Please see the definition of Agriculture on the MDAR website and in the RFI Document. Horses are only allowed for a breeding program


  • Is the residential structure adjacent to the Barn in Lot 105 livable with all functional utilities? 
    • None of the buildings or residential structures are currently livable. See the RFI for a description.
  • What is the timeline for other residential/land properties available for purchase/lease that is not included in this RFI? 
    • Submit a vision for your farm enterprise which could include potentially adding the lower barn and cottage on the conservation parcel which is not for sale but can be leased. This will be considered on a case by case basis. There are no other parcels for purchase. 
  • Have you run a soil test? 
    • Applicants are expected to run a soil test to meet the requirements of their farm. There is no past soil test to provide. To review USDA soil maps click here. On request through the committee after an RFI or RFP is submitted you can arrange to come to the property to complete a soil test at the applicant's expense. 
  • What are the specifics around the financial requirements for the investment? 
    • Applicants are required to develop their own business plan with a budget for their farm enterprise. Applicants should review the RFI and RFP and tour the property to make a specific business plan. Applicants are expected to provide a clear pathway to financial viability and details of access to capital to support both farm production and operating costs. 


RFI Process 

  • Can I have a tour of the land and buildings? 
    • All applicants who respond to the RFI will be contacted and offered a pre-scheduled group tour. Dates will be posted on the town website. 
  • What is the overall process? 
    • The Town of Littleton is working through a two-step process. The Request for Information was made public on 01.11.2024. In the spring, the town will release a Request for Proposal, which will be an in-depth application. 
  • What is the deadline to apply?
    • March 1, 2024, 5:00 PM.EST 
  • Who will make the decision? 
    • The Nagog Hill Orchard Working Group will make recommendations to the Board of Select. The Board of Select will make the final decisions. All lease negotiations will happen with the town and not the working group. 

Working Group Meetings

  • Can I attend your public meetings in person or on Zoom? 
    • Yes, all meetings are open to the public. 
  • What is the location of your in person meetings? 
    • Littleton Town Offices are located at 37 Shattuck Street, Littleton, MA 01460. Please check the agenda for the room number. We often meet in room 103 which is easily accessed from the back of the building. Parking is available behind the building. Meetings are recorded for public viewing. 

Land and Property 

  • When was the last time chemicals for apples and fruits were used in the Orchard? 
    • The last known time chemicals were spread on the Orchard was approximately 2020. The property has been mowed but fallow since 2020. 
  • Do I need to lease or purchase the entire property along with the APR?  
    • No, our focus is on the APR parcels, and there is additional land and buildings to make an offer towards. Our focus is, first and foremost, the APR parcels. There are parcels in conservation that are not for sale. 
  • What can or can’t I build on the APR land? 
    • All building requests on the APR parcels must go through MDAR and the Town Planning Board. Dwellings are not allowed to be built on APR parcels. With prior approval from the state and town planning, barns and other outbuildings such as a farm stand can be built on the APR parcels. Please see the Nagog Hill Orchard APR document and read through the MDAR APR Program on the state website for more information. 
  • How can I access a property map? 
    • You can access the USDA map here. You can also review the Town of Littleton MA GIS Map here. The town assessors map is not correct please use the maps which are included in the RFI


  • Who owns and maintains the Self Help / Conservation Parcels? 
    • Littleton Conservation Commission. No residential or commercial development is allowed on the Nagog Hill Orchard Property. 

Still have questions?  Email the Working Group at Orchard_Responses@littletonma.org and we will add your question and the answer to the FAQ