Goals for FY 2019

On September 23, 2019, the Board of Selectmen voted to adopt goal categories goals for 2019. With the adoption of these goal categories, Members serving as "Champions" were selected. The following are the Goal categories with member Champions for each:

  • Communication: Cynthia Napoli and Chase Gerbig
  • Economic Development: Chuck DeCoste
  • Finances: Paul Glavey and Joe Knox
  • Housing: Cynthia Napoli and Chuck DeCoste
  • Master Plan: Chase Gerbig
  • Open Space and AG Land: Chase Gerbig and Joe Knox
  • Policies Update: Cynthia Napoli and Paul Glavey
  • Senior Center: Cynthia Napoli and Joe Knox
  • Sewer Project: Chase Gerbig and Paul Glavey
  • Space Needs: Cynthia Napoli and Chuck DeCoste