Appointing Authorities

Appointing Authority
Town Code
Town Meeting/Election

Board of Selectmen

Town Administrator (TA)MGL C.41,§23ATown Code C.3,§11982TM, 5/5/07 ATM Art.12Three-year contract per MGL C.41,§108N

Chief of Police

MGL C.41,§97AN/A5/5/07 ATM Art. 20Three-year contract per MGLC.41,§108O

Police Dept staff

MGL C.41,§97AN/A5/5/07 ATM Art.20N/A

Fire Chief

MGL C. 48, §43, 43, and 44


10/18/04 STM Art. 8

Three-year contract per MGLC.41,§108O

Director of Veterans Services

MGL C. 115,§10Town Code §44-2March 2, 1964 ATM Art. 38Annual appointment

Permit Coordinator / Single Point of Contact

MGL C. 43DN/A11/5/07 STM Art. 5MGL C.43D,§4: "the governing body shall... (a) appoint a single point of contact to serve as the primary municipal liaison for all issues relating to this chapter..."

Town Administrator, with approval of the Board of Selectmen

Assistant Town Administrator

N/ATown Code C.3,§311/16/16 STM Art. 14N/A

Director of Finance and Budget (DFB)

MGL C.43C,§11Town Code C.3,§3; Town Code C.17,§15/12/07 ATE Q10, 5/5/07 ATM Art.12, 6/12/07 STM Art. 2, 11/16/16 STM Art. 14Formerly, "Assistant Town Administrator for Finance and Budget (AAFB)"

Head of the Highway Department

N/ATown Code C.3,§35/5/07 ATM Art. 12a/k/a "Director of Public Works"

Facilities Manager

N/ATown Code C.3,§35/5/07 ATM Art. 12Position not created

Head of Information Technology

N/ATown Code C.3,§35/5/07 ATM Art.12a/k/a "Information Systems Manager"

Building Commissioner

N/ATown Code C.3,§35/5/07 ATM Art. 12N/A

Human Resources

N/ATown Code C. 3,§35/5/07 ATM Art.12Position not created

LCTV Executive Director

N/ATown Code C. 3,§35/7/12 ATM Art. 31N/A

Town Administrator

Executive Assistant to the Town AdministratorN/ATown Code C.3,§311/16/16 STM Art. 14N/A

Town Administrator, with approval of the Board of Selectmen and Council on Aging

Director of Elder and Human ServicesN/ATown Code C.3,§35/6/13 ATM Art. 25N/A

Building Commissioner with approval of the TA

Inspections Department staffN/ATown Code C.3,§35/4/09 ATM Art. 25Employees of the heads of said departments shall be appointed by the department head subject to approval of the Town Administrator.

Head of the Highway Department with approval of the TA

Highway Department staffN/ATown Code C.3,§35/4/09 ATM Art. 25N/A

LCTV Executive Director with approval of the TA

LCTV staffN/ATown Code C.3,§35/7/12 ATM Art. 31N/A

Director of Elder and Human Services with approval of the TA

Elder and Human Services and MART staffN/ATown Code C.3,§35/6/13 ATM Art. 25N/A

TA and AAFB with approval of the Board of Selectmen

Town AccountantMGL C.43C,§11Town Code C.17,§3A6/12/07 STM Art. 2Three-year contract per MGL C.41,§108N


N/ATown Code C.17,§3A5/12/07 ATE Q11, 6/12/07 STM Art.2N/A

Tax Collector

N/ATown Code C.17,§3A5/12/07 ATE Q12, 6/12/07 STM Art. 2N/A

AAFB with approval of Board of Assessors

Chief AssessorN/ATown Code C.17,§3B6/12/07 STM Art. 2N/A

AAFB with approval of the TA

Finance Dept StaffMGL C.43C,§11N/A5/12/07 ATE Q10MGL C.43C,§11: "the director of municipal finance shall appoint all personnel under his direction and control subject to the approval of the appointing authority as provided for his office...."

Fire Chief

Fire Dept Staff

MGL C.48,§§42

10/18/04 STM Art. 8

MGL C.48,§42: The chief "shall appoint a deputy chief and such officers and firemen as he may think necessary..."

Town Clerk

Assistant Town ClerkMGL C.41,§19N/AN/AMGL C.41,§19: "The town clerk may in writing appoint an assistant clerk."

Planning Board

Planning AdministratorMGL C.41,§81A MGL C.41,§§ 81B-81YTown Code §8-1March 4, 1946 ATM Art. 34, 1949 TMMGL C.41,§81A: "Such a board... may employ experts and clerical and other assistants."

Conservation Commission

Administrative AssistantMGL C.40,§8CN/AMarch 6, 1961 ATM Art. 24MGL C.40,§8C: "The commission may appoint a director, clerks, consultants and other employees."

Littleton Board of Health with 13 other Boards of Health

Health Agent, Nashoba Associated Boards of HealthMGL C. 111,§27AN/AFebruary 10, 1936 ATM Art. 36MGL C.111,§27A: "Two or more towns may, by vote of each, form a district for the purpose of employing therein a health officer and necessary assistants and clerks, all of whom shall be appointed and may be removed by a joint committee composed of the boards of health of said towns."

Board of Health

Administrative AssistantMGL c.111, §27N/A1903 Board of Health establishedMGL c.111, §27, the Board of Health may appoint its own "officers, agents and assistants to execute the health laws and its regulations. It may fix the salary or other compensation of such...agents and assistants."

Zoning Board of Appeals

Administrative AssistantMGL C.40A,§12Town Code §173-6N/AMGL C.40A,§12: "Each zoning board of appeals... may, subject to appropriation, employ experts and clerical and other assistants.

Park and Recreation Commission

PRCE Director

MGL C.45,§§2, 5; MGL C.45, §14

Town Code, §§8-8, 8-9

May 4, 1992 ATM, Art. 27, 28

MGL C.45,§5: "Such boards may... appoint all necessary engineers, surveyors, clerks and other officers,..."

PRCE Staff / Community Education Staff


5/8/06 ATM Art. 31

Art. 31 first established annual revolving fund for CE under Park and Rec.

* If administered under the Park and Rec. umbrella, the Commission has the same authority over CE as it does over Park and Rec.

Cemetery Commission

Cemetery Superintendent

MGL C.114,§§22-27.


MGL C.114,§23: "Said board shall have sole care, superintendence and management of all public burial grounds in its town…"

MGL C.114,§26: "Said board shall not incur debts or liabilities for purposes other than aforesaid nor to an amount exceeding the amount of the funds subject to their order…"

MGL C.114,§27: If appointed by the selectmen, "[t]he commissioners shall… with the approval of the selectmen, appoint such employees as are necessary to maintain such cemeteries." * Implies that elected commissioners have independent hiring authority.


Cemetery Dept staff

MGL C.114,§§22-27.N/AN/ASee comments above.

Board of Water Commissioners

N/AC.617, Acts of 1911N/A1911 ATMN/A

Board of Electric Light Commissioners

General Manager, Municipal Light Plant

MGL C.164,§56

N/A1912 ATM acceptedMGL C.164,§§34-69"municipal light board... shall appoint a manager of municipal lighting..."

General Manager, LELWD

Electric Light employeesMGL C.164,§56N/A1912 ATM accepted MGL C. 164,§§34-69Manager of municipal lighting shall "have full charge of... the employment of attorneys and of agents and servants... "

School Committee

Superintendent of SchoolsMGL C.71,s.59N/AN/AThe school committee of a town not in a superintendency union or district shall employ a superintendent of schools and fix his compensation.

Superintendent of Schools

School PrincipalsMGL C.71, s.59BN/AN/AThe superintendent of a school district shall appoint principals for each public school within the district at levels of compensation determined in accordance with policies established by the school committee.

Trustees of the Library

Library Director

MGL C.78,§34

N/AN/AMGL C.78,§34: The board of trustees of a free public library... shall... execute a written employment contract with an employee of said library outlining the basic conditions of employment..."