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Home Occupation Business Application

  1. Business Certificates

    Pursuant to Chapter 110 of the M.G.L., The Town Clerk accepts filings of Business Certificates by any person, persons or corporations conducting business in the Town of Littleton under a company name.

    Generally, persons or corporations, individually or in partnership with one another, and doing business in the Town of Littleton under a company name must file this certificate. The certificate is valid for four years from the date of filing. They are renewable every four years thereafter.

    For Home-Based Business (Any Residential Address):

    Please fill out the following Home Occupation Business Application. You will be notified via email of the decision within a week. If your application is approved, provide this approval to the clerk's office with your completed Business Certificate and Payment. Please note: the Business Certificate Filing Fee is $30.

    Please Note: If this activity at any time results in traffic, noise or other problems incompatible with the residential character of the area, this will be considered prima facie evidence that it is no longer incidental to the residential use, and you will be required to cease the business activity.

  2. Authorization from owner (if applicant is not the owner)*
  3. Will any other members of the family residing at the premises be employed?*
  4. Will there be any motor vehicle parking in conjunction with the activity?*
  5. Will clients or pupils come to the house for consultation or instructions?*
  6. Will there be any use of, or storage of hazardous materials?*
  7. Will there be signs?*
  8. Will there be any exterior storage of materials?*
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