Banking & Tax Forms



To complete your State tax return you will need the 1099-HC form from Blue Cross.  If you qualify and were enrolled in a BCBS plan at any time during the calendar year, you'll receive your form DIRECTLY FROM BCBS:

  • Via mail, postmarked by January 31, 2024
  • On your MyBlue Account, added on January 31, 2024

To see your Form 1099-HC from the last two years, sign in to MyBlue and click My Inbox and then Documents.

* If you haven't received your 1099-HC form by the first week of February 2024, please call Member Service at the # on the front of your ID card.

Federal & State Tax Forms

New tax withholding forms should be completed whenever you have a major life change to ensure you're electing to withhold the proper amount of taxes from your paycheck. Full instructions can be found on the forms. Please submit the completed and signed/dated documents to HR. 

Please Note: The HR office CANNOT provide tax advice (guidance on what to put on your form to achieve a desired result). For assistance with filling out the W-4 form, please reach out to a tax professional and/or utilize the IRS's FREE Tax Withholding Estimator. This tool will pre-fill the form based on the information you provide. Print and sign the form then return to the HR office for processing. 


Payroll Direct Deposits (ACH Credits)

The Town of Littleton requires direct deposit for all funds processed through payroll for all employees. You may also direct funds into as many as three separate bank accounts using Direct Deposit.

Notification of payroll deposits will be sent to the email you listed on the employee data form.

This supports our "go green" initiatives by minimizing paper and envelopes. Use the link below to access the direct deposit form and return the form(s) to HR.

Benefit Premium Payments (ACH Debits)

For recurring payments to the Town, such as benefit payments by retirees, or employees on leave, we require the use of an automatic debit withdrawal from your bank account. Use the following link to access the form. Send the completed form authorizing the withdrawal from your account to HR.

Digital Credit Union 

The Town of Littleton is a Select Employee Group at DCU. Employees are eligible to become members of the Credit Union.