Littleton Rocks

Episode Descriptions / Overview

LR1 - Join Bill Vales and Barbara McRae in our first "Littleton Rocks" show. We discuss the general difference between rocks and minerals. An overview of the geological setting of Littleton is provided from a plate tectonics perspective. Some discussion of glacial deposits in Littleton is provided centered on the Prouty Land and Oak Hill. Learn about some of the equipment needed for rock collecting. We also introduce the audience to a local mineral club (open to the public to join) which is the Nashoba Valley Mineralogical Society (NVMS).

LR2 - Discussion of the major rock types: sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic; and the rock cycle. Learn about: plate tectonics and the dynamics that occur at tectonic plate boundaries (spreading, converging, transform); exotic terranes and how that impacted Littleton, Ma. We also discuss some glacial deposits around Littleton. Hosted by Barbara McRae with Bill Vales.

LR3 - Learn about the elements and the periodic table. What is an element? What are the attributes of elements? How are they formed? What is a compound? Learn about the structure of the atom, the atomic number and atomic weight. What is the difference between the Neil Bohr model and the electron field model? Learn how Dmitri Mendeleev developed and organized the periodic table. Learn about the "Metal Men". Hosted by Bill Vales. Special guest Tony DeAngelis.

LR4 - Learn about the fascinating and beautiful attribute of florescence that some minerals have. We discuss the difference between long-wave and short-wave light. The attribute of radioactivity is demonstrated in some experiments. Beautiful examples of crystals that have grown in pegmatites are shown and used to discuss crystal formation and habit. See demonstrations of minerals that possess the other unique attributes; of phosphorescence, tenebrescence, triboluminescence. Hosted by Bill Vales. Special guest Tony DeAngelis.

LR5 - Our first "On the Road" version of Littleton Rocks takes us to the St. Pierre Quarry in the Monadnock region of southern New Hampshire. We explore a newly blasted area to search for rock specimens and crystals. Learn about the rock types in this area and some of the procedures used in quarrying rock. Learn about mapping tools for geological reconnaissance. There are interviews with members of the Nashoba Valley Mineralogical Society (NVMS). Hosted by Bill Vales.

LR6 - Come with us for a trip to the Pomlow Mine in Gilsum, New Hampshire. The Pomlow Mine is one of the numerous pegmatite mines of Southern, New Hampshire. Learn what a pegmatite is and see what we find. Learn about different types of granite. There are interviews with members of the Nashoba Valley Mineralogical Society (NVMS). Hosted by Bill Vales.