Your Back Yard

YBY1 - Our first "Your Back Yard" to showcase Littleton's conservation trails. Join Bill Vales with a stroll through Prouty Woods and Oak Hill, looking at the flora, fauna and geology. Look at the tracks worn into bedrock by stagecoaches over 100 years ago. Look at the American Chestnut tree attempting to grow before succumbing to the blight. These two areas showcase several examples of glacial and bedrock geology. There are magnificent views from the height of land in both areas as far northwest as Mount Monadnock in Southern New Hampshire from Prouty Woods and the Boston skyline from Oak Hill.

YBY2 - Walk through Holly Park and Bumble Bee Park looking at two beautiful areas for a lunchtime walk to clear your mind. Holly Park is a small area providing a nice area to sit. Bumble Bee Park provides some interesting variation of habitat for birds and other wildlife, including lower land swamp and riparian area and some upland area. View some interesting bedrock outcrops of metamorphosed gneiss and a great location for winter sledding. Hosted by Bill Vales.

YBY3 - Join Bill Vales for a walk through Long Lake Park. Experience the varied upland and lakeside habitat of Long Lake Park. Join Bill in finding bluebirds in the upland fields and recent beaver activity in the lowland. Enjoy the stands of white pine that line a cart path used in years past. Raise your awareness of the ferns, lichen and mosses. Hosted by Bill Vales.

YBY4 - Take a walk down a glacial esker laid down by the Pleistocene Glacier during its receding about 13,000 years ago. Look at some of the habitat available to our local wildlife. Experience the exhilaration of finding a Great Blue Heron in the riparian environment. Walk over a granite bridge used as a stagecoach path in days gone by. Hosted by Bill Vales.